Denmark Green Card Scheme

Denmark the Happiest Country known has made me happy too. My Immigration to Denmark was a dream as i wanted to be there for my further Career plans. But It was the Immigration Process which was making sort of confused and mad. I have a Tough working Schedule and don’t have much time to invest in the Complex Process. Then this amazing Immigration help came to me. Vmake Visas Pvt. Ltd. is an Immigration Firm Offering Visa related services. My friend referred this company to me and from that day on i am so tension free. Recently got my Denmark Green Card Approved.

“Sanjay Mathur

Denmark Green Card Scheme

6 thoughts on “Denmark Green Card Scheme

  1. MAKEVISAS Shibiya has conducted a Serious Offense I am representing my Indian client who got trapped into MAKEVISAS evil deed of slaughtering reputation and dignity of Canada and Australia by falsely representing as an Ambassador and high commission of Canada and Australia.(each and every evidence available)

    MAKEVISAS guaranteed Canadian PR and Job(Emails available assuring they are Embassy theirself)

    MAKEVISAS said their staff works in Canadian Consulate and high commissioner Is their right hand.

    Shibiya who holds Canadian PR is a daemonic evil who is misapprehending Canadian dignity Flag,Values and Anthem and impersonating as Canadian Ambassador to surround her preys and willing to sponsor any Individual for 59 Lakh INR donation.
    Shibiya uttered foul and obscene words filthy language against India Recordings available.

    Shibiya send poor feedback links and complaints of all other PR consultancies in India to obtain and dominate my clients faith and morally manipulated and took advantage of my clients observations and massive respect in Canadian and Australian Government and trapped him to wire money got successful and hide and seek kept prevailing from 2 years.

    Finally my outstanding and extraordinary portfolio holder Client has approached his foreign friend and overseas based cousins to take down this beguiling Firm tagged “Make Visas”which is a violation of brand representation ethics and codes of conduct”misguiding misleading misinforming befuddling and conniving criminal act.

    We welcome all affected victims who been affected harmed distraught into remorseful agony and implausible distress because you trusted Canada and Australia,however underneath the rug there were termites and blood suckling leeches.

    Write us we are closely working with media personnel’s and associates to generate awareness and bring Justice through Court and related Organisations.


  2. Aarohi Mehta says:

    Being a confused soul, it was not easy to comprehend which visa consultancy firm would guide me at the best, blessed to find Vmake visas, who could handle all my apprehensions with much ease.


  3. Elizabeth andrews says:

    Denmark Immigration is not that complex process but without a proper guidence you can get lost my friend. so Vmake Visas is your Thing.


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